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Pianist Envy – The Not So Silent Killer

Posted: February 18, 2010

Gonzales, the shadow on the curtain of Jamie Lidell’s Multiply, Feist’s The Reminder, and his own Solo Piano, is warming up for his upcoming Boyz Noize produced album with a new mixtape and the moniker to match.He says, “I am Chilly Gonzales, the sad musical genius. Some of you may know that I was born Jason Beck, but Jason is dead to me now. I have permanently and legally changed my name to Chilly Gonzales.To celebrate me becoming me, I offer to you the first-ever piano mixtape “Pianist Envy,” my declaration of defiance to the rappers and beatmakers who, unbeknownst to them, leave space for my musical imagination.You know those rap beats and electro songs – the ones with almost nothing in them? Tipsy, A Millie, Grindin’ Rollin’ and Scratchin’, Single Ladies? Well, I go all Liberace on these beats with my piano and my orchestra.”Chilly Gonzales- Pianist EnvyStill thirsty? Sip on 6 more mixes by Big L, Holy Ghost, Friendship Bracelet, XXX Change, Raven Sings the Blues below.DJ Soul’s Big L (10 year anniversary) Tribute MixHoly Ghost’s Beat’s in Space MixFriendship Bracelet Club Volume 3XXX Change’s Triple J mixRaven Sings the Blues Mix for Aquarium DrunkardWeiss‘s Winter Mixtape

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