Yours Truly

Jump In, The Water is Warm

Posted: May 11, 2010

It’s never surprising to discover something brilliant when you tumble onto Don’t Die Wondering. It’s a goldmine. They recently posted the beaten-down rave-up, Is This On Me? from Minneapolis’ Elite Gymnastics, from their Real Friends EP. It’s a track that grinds gently and emits a warm glow beneath it’s brisk surface. But, as gorgeous as that track is, it’s the title track that truly stands out.Real Friends is the song that melts the snow, allowing the water to flow down the mountain into the lakes where we take our summer swim. Reminiscent of Air France, the song blends symphonic synths and tender, yet churning rhythms that seem to whisk away our winter coats with the softest breeze. Bask in this one as the summer sun draws by Ryan McGinley

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