Yours Truly

The Cracks In The Clouds

Posted: June 08, 2010

Sometimes songs sporadically change their tone, bouncing back and forth between minor and major, making one wonder if the song’s supposed to make you turn down the lights or crank them up. Though it’s sometimes confusing, songs that teeter on the border between lightness and dark are those that cut closest to my core. And, it wasn’t until I listened to “Back to Back” from Dusty Brown’s beautiful new EP that I realized how defenseless I could be.Back To Back tells of a love that once burned strong but was never meant to be. On it, vocalist Jessica Brown asks, “Back to back or is it face to face? As we remember the light in our dark past,” a lyric that effectively sums up the wavering emotions the music elicits: when those fleeting moments of warmth tease us into believing that the sun will soon break through (and it never does), it’s those cracks in the clouds that keep us hanging on – that keep us listening.More Dust…Dusty Brown- Stevey WonderDusty Brown – How’s ThatDusty Brown – This City is Killing Me EP Download | DonateImagery and discovery courtesy of the inspiring Iso 50

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