Yours Truly

Freddie Gibbs – Fuck the World

Posted: July 01, 2010

FUCK THE WORLDDear Fred,How does it feel to be the elephant in the room? Or rather, the only dude in the game with the nuts of an elephant, the type to knock the stuffin’ out yo fuckin’ muffin just for the hell of it? How do you deal with all these fake ass rappers walking around talking like they’ve seen 1/16 of the struggle that you’ve seen, done a spec of the dirt that you’ve done and had to deal with half the bullshit that you’ve overcome to get this far? Is that why you came with a cut like ‘Fuck the World’ because at this point you’ve proven that not only do you not need their help, but you’re better off without em? Well Fred, I’m with you, Fuck em! They’d rather dress you like a peacock and have you auto-crooning candy cane ass hooks of hollowed out half-truths than telling your story the way it’s meant to be told. So FUCK THE WORLD, because the world doesn’t know you, and unless you tell them exactly who you are without reservation, then they never will.Yours Truly

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