Yours Truly

The Head And The Heart

Posted: July 26, 2010


If Seattle’s The Head and the Heart had a singular purpose it would be to remind us to see the beauty in things, especially the sadness. Each song feels like the story of a soul standing at the threshold of one of life’s most difficult crossroads. Songs of love, loss and introspection unfold like thoughts, cycling through feelings of despair, hope and optimism, sometimes simultaneously. Textured harmonies, earnest piano and almost symphonic use of strings weave together layers of Americana that feel fresh and yet achingly familiar. Images of rocking on a rickety front porch, skipping ties along long forgotten train tracks and chasing fireflies with a punctured bell jar flash through the mind, while deeper lyrics pierce the heart.

Lost in My Mind moves like a freight train a chuggin,’ its jangly guitar and whooping “Whoo-hoos” filling up the landscape like cowboys and Indians.

Winter Song is a log-cabin ballad, with wilting harmonies and a finger-picked guitar that falls like rain on steamed-over windows.

Buy The Head and the Heart’s self-titled debut album from the band, here.

words by Katie Buono

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