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I Left My Little Indie Heart in Big Sur

Posted: August 31, 2010

The drive down Highway 1, along California’s central coast, may be one of the most beautiful drives your little Honda could wish for and Big Sur — which inhabits 90 miles of Pacific coastline– may be one of the most beautiful terrains your little New Balances could traverse. And recently, Yours Truly took it’s little Honda down Highway One, got it’s little New Balances dusty in the Big Sur terrain, and attended what may be one of the most beautiful concerts our little indie rock hearts could have wished for.


The music was awesome, with incredible performances from Real Estate, Woods, Fresh and Onlys, and Kurt Vile. But, it was the environment that truly stole the show. Just across from the highway sits the Henry Miller Library, a quaint little bookstore that gives insight into Big Sur’s longstanding artist retreat culture. Beyond the surrounding deck, a small meadow played bleachers to a stage in the motherly shadows of forest trees. It’s a setup that would make any band travel miles, as these bands did. It’s an atmosphere that makes your family seem closer, your beer more refreshing, your picnic more delicious, and your little indie rock heart full.

Watch our documentary we shot about the festival with the help of Pitchfork over here.

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