Yours Truly

You So Sly

Posted: November 19, 2010

The Stepkids are for Fridays. Their sound leans back in the office chair, puts its hands behind its head, breathes deep, and smiles. These Connecticut cats recently signed to Stones Throw, a label that, lately, seems to be swaying more than swinging, feeling the groove rather than throwing the beat-heavy punch they’ve made their name out of. No qualms here. Mayer Hawthorne can sing me to sleep all day e’ryday. And, I’ll come for seconds because The Stepkids are sounding like Sly Stone doing a stint in suburbia, trading in that San Francisco acid for something with a little less kick. But, that’s a good thing. It’s more Chaka, less Rufus and, damn, it feels good. So, kick back and enjoy this ’70s psychedelic soul trip, courtesy of The Stepkids.

The Stepkids – “Legend In My Own Mind

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