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The Legend of Bobby

Posted: January 31, 2011

Rumors about Bobby surfaced last year in the quaint, rural town of Bennington, VT. Some people claimed Bobby to be a myth, just a story told by fireplaces to pass the time during the cold winter. But, if you cross the Walloomsac River via the Henry Covered Bridge, you’ll reach a dusty, cracked path that looks as if the rain had carved out thousands of tiny canyons in it. You’ll follow it through the autumn-colored forests, past the hidden lakes, until you reach a wide open field, as green as the most beautiful eyes. And it’s there that you’ll find Bobby, reveling in pastoral freedom like a wild pony.Bobby is the sound of Appalachian folklore at its finest and “Sore Spores” is Bobby’s tallest of tales. It’s acoustic quirkiness, reminiscent of Ugly Casanova, laced with swingset vocals that dip down low then fly so high. There’s still not much information about Bobby – still as mythical as Paul Bunyan – but, Yours Truly did discover that Molly Sarle of Mountain Man is the golden voice you hear, warming your heart and tickling your neck like playful, quivering lips. There are moments where she shines extraordinarily bright (2:20 mark), resembling the warble of the most spirited mockingbird with her panache-filled cadence. “Sore Spores” is idyllic folk made in mystic mountain meadows, blended with soaring vocals that fly like swallows. Surely we’ll see more of Bobby in the near future, but for now, this glimpse in “Sore Spores” is enough to make us all believe in the legend of Bobby. Out soon via Partisan RecordsTour Dates:Feb 24: Sixth and I Historic Synagogue- Washington, DC*Feb 25: First Unitarian Church Sanctuary- Philadelphia, PA*Feb 26: Brillobox- Pittsburgh, PA*Feb 28: Lincoln Hall- Chicago, IL*Mar 4: Old South Church- Boston, MA*Mar 5: Iron Horse Music Hall- North Hampton, MA%Mar 7: Space Gallery- Portland, ME*Mar 8: The Bowery Ballroom- New York, NY*Supporting The Low Anthem*Supporting DOM%

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