Yours Truly

Hand Over Mouth Smile

Posted: February 10, 2011

I first saw her sitting across from me in the cafeteria, first day of sophomore year, twirling her plastic fork in one hand, Walden in the other. As I’d later prove, she didn’t seem to care for the traditional teen activities and I loved that about her. But, I convinced her to join me at the dance a few weeks later where she, of course, was the most beautiful thing in that gymnasium – a secret all my own. I, on the other hand, donned the most garish tuxedo I could find at the thrift store and busted out the silliest dance moves, all to make her smile – that hand-over-mouth smile that magnetically stole a piece of my heart each time.

In Cheap Imitations, a quirky acoustic guitar-based pop gem chopped up with samples aplenty, Emil pulls out all the tricks in his hat to woo the one that caught his eye. They may come off like cute antics, but you’d be foolish to think that humor isn’t the strongest bait for a heart.

“Cheap Imitations” is an unreleased track but you can get Emil & Friends‘ latest EP from Cantora Records.

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