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Gardens & Villa (album stream)

Posted: June 21, 2011

You begin to count backwards from five and concentrate on the gentle rise and fall of your lungs until suddenly you’ve landed in a field of silk daisies and velvet peonies. Gardens and Villa provide the perfect soundtrack for a hallucinogenic vacation of fruitful sun and buzzing bees. The falsetto drips over synths and wooden flute solos seep through the cool, thundering drums. This self-titled debut has a tender sound, mildly psychedelic and totally dreamy, appropriately created by five Santa Barbara guys who were inspired by their own massive hitch-hiking trip along the West Coast. Pack a lunch and hitch a ride of your own with an album full of imaginative adventure.

Pre-order the band’s self-titled debut, and read this note from guitartist/vocalist Chris Lynch explaining how to use the map (below)

“On the longest day of June, when the chemtrails linger above the mountain, look for the falling star late in the haze of twilight. Like a neon dove it will descend into a blackberry thicket… make your way through the castle of thorns and recover the meteorite… Its crystalline core will glow as you approach the ship’s hidden location. Godspeed…”

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