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Synesthesia: Tom Edwards x Panda Bear

Posted: January 25, 2012

In Yours Truly and BOOOOOOOM‘s new Synesthesia series, yt asks some of the most visual people around to pay homage to a sonic artist who has helped them hear colors and sing shapes.

The first installment featured London-based artist Yuri Suzuki’s admiration for 60′s sculptor of sound, Delia Derbyshire. Today, it’s Tom Edward’s turn to gush about Panda Bear.

We all know Panda Bear as a sample wizard, a man who mixes a dizzying collection of sounds to create spaces of his own: a beachtime reverie in Person Pitch, and a drony cathedral in this year’s Tomboy.

The young British illustrator Tom Edwards is a bit of a sampler too. His work seems to draw from the vocabulary of visual history, with references to medieval talismans, daggers from early modern prints, the polygonal symmetry of the American folk quilt, and the delightful awkwardness of pre-Renaissance perspective.

And all the better if there really is a sample of Homer Simpson in “Bros”—since we know that Tom Edwards has ‘sampled’ him too.

Here’s a letter Tom wrote to Panda Bear, below.

and more of Tom’s work to admire

Special thanks to Tom, Momo, and Jeff

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