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Mix: Jensen Sportag

Posted: April 26, 2012

Jensen Sportag - Other People's Poetry mixtapes

According to Austin and Elvis of Jensen Sportag, their Other People’s Poetry mix is a dedication to their long-lost friend Chuck and unearthed memories of the 90s rave scene that’s now been all but lost to the sands of time. The whole thing was made from austin’s old actual rave tapes (photo of actual tapes above) so hence, the broken, cracked, warped sounds, ghosted vocals and hardcore arpeggiated synths.

There’s this undeniable bright, optimistic hope in the timelessness shining through in all these old tracks, a great joy from just remembering that feeling of unity from being in a dark room and part of a sweaty mass of everyone together, everyone completely alive and everyone completely in the present.

So what this mix really is, is a reconstruction, piece-by-piece, imagining an alternate reality where the last 22 years didn’t simply vanish into the ether, they just remained. ricocheting around the city, trapped just out of earshot, waiting to be tapped into. a hauntological field recording of generational sorrow for the utopian promise of rave that never came to fruition. 

Jensen Sportag - Other People's Poetry letter


Special Thanks to the imitable Sandra from Cascine for the hookup.


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