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Premiere: Night Panther – “Fever”

Posted: August 06, 2012

Night Panther

Drunk and two-stepping, our eyes lock as I let out a perfect falsetto squeal of “feeeeeverr” from the karaoke bar stage in synch with Night Panther’s “Fever.” It’s Two for Tuesdays and I’m making a proper fool of myself but nailing every note. I’m sliding across tables, silverware flying, glass smashing as my sweaty palms pull and twirl you three times on the tabletop. We’ve attracted a crowd and lacy bras begin to gather at our feet. For a moment, “Fever” made me a sex symbol, but baby I’ve only got eyes for you.

Listen to the premiere of “Fever” below and the soda-pop infused “Snudge” the morning after.

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