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Premiere: Dumbo Gets Mad – Radical Leap

Posted: November 01, 2012

Dumbo Gets Mad - Radical Leap

Zoom, splash, and off I go. Cannonball right into the river, my head bobbing up and down like someone cast me out with their fishing rod. Swiftly careening down stream, the murky water enclosed around me, oh boy, I really am moving fast. The sun is low in the sky and my eyes are aiming for it as I get closer to the rivers edge, a waterfall off to nowhere. The water is starting to sound like revving engines in my ears and I reach my hands out. Let me catch the sun. Let me fly. Let me jump into nowhere. Let us take a radical leap.

Dumbo Gets Mad’s new track “Radical Leap” is a lazy psychedelic dream of crunchy guitars, a bouncing bass line, and a butterfly stroke in the roughest river off to the tallest waterfall. Radical Leap makes me feel okay with the coming frigid winter, it makes me feel okay with change, to fly off the tallest waterfall to a totally new place. Get lost in it.

Find more from the Italian duo, fronted by Luca Dumbini down below and be ready for their upcoming sophomore album “Quantum Leap.”


words by vlad.

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