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Yeah Boy – Can’t Get Enough

Posted: October 01, 2013

When you choose Yeah Boy as your moniker, something light-hearted is to be expected. But what sets “Can’t Get Enough” apart is that Johnny Castro has found a way to mask his pretty suggestive thoughts, all of that underlying sleaze, behind this “cruising down Route 1 as the sun is setting” giddiness. It’s shameless – he’s giving you a wink and a big ear-to-ear grin at the same time.

Somehow, he figured out how to sneak that wordless vocal hook into every part of the song. It never sounds like overkill – it stays fresh and playful from beginning to end. It doesn’t hurt that every single instrument and sound on “Can’t Get Enough” sparkles; there is a real sweet, clear-headed innocence to it that allows you to overlook the fact that he’s pretty much saying, “Let’s skip the part where we talk to each other.” How are you supposed to argue with that?

The “Can’t Get Enough” single will be released October 6th on Baked Goods Records. In the meantime, listen below.

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