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Poliça – Chain My Name (Allan Kingdom Remix)

Posted: October 24, 2013

Dragging my body throughout the day from one place to the next, each limb feeling like a broken tree branch rustling leaves as I trip through every moment. As fall tends to weigh colder and heavier each day, it’s hard to get the usual bounce of music back into your system. But as we progress through our week of amazing Poliça remixes, it’s hard to deny the bounce that Allan Kingdom brings to the table. Having already given us one of our favorite rap songs of the year, he works production, vocals, and a verse all to his own to make something that’s twists the original from a boogie to a haunting bounce that crawls along at just the right pace.

Expect a couple more remixes coming soon, and make sure to cop Poliça’s ‘Shulamith’ (out on Mom+Pop) here.

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