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Poliça – Chain My Name (Paper Tiger Remix)

Posted: October 24, 2013

There’s a rumbling in my stomach, I’m unsure if it’s anxiety or nervousness, or if it’s just the adrenaline piling up. I’m looking at the edge of the plane, pack strapped to my back like a turtle clinging for dear life. I sway with the roaring open door and let myself go. Unlike the other remixes we’ve had the pleasure of premiering on the blog this past week, Paper Tiger takes Poliça’s “Chain My Name” and brings it to soaring heights. From the first handclaps to the rumbling bassline there’s very little here that wouldn’t fit while zooming through the air staring at the slowly growing buildings down below. Get l ost in something that’s incredibly exciting.

Expect one last remix to round off the week tomorrow, and go get Poliça’s ‘Shulamith’ (out on Mom+Pop) here.

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