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Poliça – Rape Chain My Name (Pony Bwoy Remix)

Posted: October 25, 2013

Letting the wind pass over the top of my body, there are still flutters between your eyelashes and mine. A little bit of electricity in the air between the two of us causes us to look at time a little bit slower, and breathe in a little deeper. We’re both laying flat in the pool, floating to the top staring at the stars above, winking at each other just like we do. The lights from under us make it seem like we’re two pieces of debris in space, floating towards nowhere but everywhere at the same time. Pony Bwoy ends our week of amazing Poliça remixes with something for the ages. This is something you can fall asleep to, and also make out to, and cry to. There’s a lot of emotions here and all of them are the right emotions.

Get Poliça’s ‘Shulamith’ (out on Mom+Pop) here today, or now, or whenever. Thank you to Mom+Pop for the awesome week. See the rest of the remixes released this week to the right.

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