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Handwritten letters, home-made mixtapes, type-writer testimonials, portraits and postcards to and from your favorite artists. Send your own to Yours Truly on Instagram with the hashtag #ytletters and we'll post it here for you and yours to see.


I made this the day before I left Frankfurt. I was alone in an empty flat and it was 4 in the morning. There was a Radisson Blue hotel sign by my window shining through some pretty strong fog making my room quite a weird colour. I sent it over to Fred who was in Tokyo and he listened to it for a minute and then called me and asked if he could play piano over it. He did and then sent it back and that is what this is.

Letter to Ronneby (YT)

Magnus of Bam Spacey breaks up with his Swedish hometown, Ronneby, with a beautiful entry into our Other People's Poetry series.


San Francisco producer Brogan Bentley's mix writhes and twists between genres, all the while conjuring the fog and dank of nighttime in the city he calls home. In that way, it's a lot like his excellent debut LP, The Snake, which he calls "a sonic documentation of coming into a new skin, living in it and shedding it."

YT letter (v3)

Pour your cocoa in a coconut and shake off that seasonal affective disorder with a fiendishly dance-able mix from DPTRCLB.

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Harriet have penned us a letter that's coded and futuristic – just like the mix they made us below. Their cryptic note prefaces an eclectic entry to our Other People's Poetry series featuring tracks from Death Grips, Taylor Swift, and Sophie.

Brolin - letter

London-based producer Brolin captures the rare, brief return of the British summer with his second mix for our Other People's Poetry series.


From down in Melbourne, GL have sent us a letter straight from the place in their minds where old memories live. Shimmering with visions of sand castles and dreams of a botched love left over, the Australian duo meet us at the center divide, gifting us with music to match.


Anthony of Astronauts, etc. gives us our most brotherly Other People's Poetry to date, dedicated to his younger brother who's just starting high school.


The enigmatic, gorilla suit clad duo behind GRUMBY dedicate their Other People's Poetry mix to the cosmic abyss and all that it envelops. Shut your eyes and let the music of Knx, Lindsay Lowend, and JAHKOY fill that void. The Brooklyn pair sign off with the words of philosopher Alan Watts pushing us to tune out our senses and let sound shape our world. Listen in.


Woman's Hour pay tribute to the warm and liminal music of Uku Kuut, the Russian-born, Sweden- and California-raised, Estonia-based composer. Their Other People's Poetry mix recreates the feel of Kuut's music, reaching for that elusive feel when blue-sky expansiveness meets soft nighttime poolside waves.

Suicideyear letter

We usually ask artists to include a dedication of some kind when they send us a mix, but Baton Rouge producer James Prudhomme a.k.a. suicideyear offered the above quote instead (which is, perhaps, a reference to the late painter/optimist Bob Ross).


Houdinne, creator of the incredibile mixtape "Damn" dedicates this phrenetic Other People's Poetry mix dedicated to his girlfriend here.

0-TALA - Yours Truly - OPP

Enigmatic London artist TALA dedicates her Other People's Poetry mix to the Moroccan streets where she recently filmed her video for "Serbia."


London producer Bayou dedicates his Other People's Poetry mix to his downstairs neighbor who could use some new material to sing along with.


We wrote a letter to Chelsea Wolfe asking about the murky forests of Northern California and the earthy sounds of her music.


San Diego native Different Sleep a.k.a. Rafa Alvarez dedicates his Yours Truly mix to Chicago, where he currently attends school and does most of his producing.


In this edition of Greetings From NY, Ellis of San Fermin reflects on returning to his NYC home after spending months away on tour.


For this very special Yours Truly mix, New York-based producer Wildarms a.k.a. Duncan Cooper dedicates a selection of country favorites to his lovely girlfriend Jessie.

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