Fall Session

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Stockholm, San Francisco, Ellicott City, Los Angeles, Baltimore. That’s what our fall was like. A big part of our whole thing is meeting musicians where they are, headspace-wise and physically. Sometimes that means hitting the hometown, sometimes it’s linking on the road, and we’re reminded that it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.

Yours Truly Fall Session 2015

Greatest Hits

Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique - Love is Free

Directed by David Terry Fine & Babak Khoshnoud

Neon Indian’s Slumlord Music Video

Directed by Tim Nackashi & Alan Palomo

Snowball Fights Are Such A Particular Thing

Directed by Fantavious Fritz

(rough) A Podcast

Tate Kobang Wave Hi Music Video

Directed by Nathan R. Smith

No matter what time zone we were in we were knocked over by the generosity of the musicians who opened their calendars and their hearts and their apartments to us. We met some painfully adorable babies. We shared some really good meals, and one bottle of Earl Stevens Selections’ Mangoscato We took our conversations and turned them into the videos, writing, design, photography and audio that we then offer up to you, in the midst of all your own personal crazy, inundated as you are by a million outlets and shouts into the void and songs and ideas and feelings old and new.

We’re already hard at work on season three, because the musicians we’re talking to and listening to are inspiring us like never before. Holler if you hear me.