FKA Twigs

We got lost with FKA Twigs in Tulum Mexico.

From an interview with DAZED & CONFUSED: We’ve been dying to shoot something with Twigs since ‘Hide’ first hit the web. When we met in Tulum, she told us she would only do it if she got to perform in front of local people. Her idea was to play in a church in the town, so we went there to see if the pastor would let a stranger take over the altar, but he wouldn’t budge. So we were pretty much dead in the water until about 8am on the morning of the New Year’s Eve party. Koreless was playing, the sun was up, and we met a group of natives who were tripping on acid. We explained how we had to find a place for Twigs to perform, and one of the guys, Pepe said, ‘No problem, I will take care of it. Call me tomorrow and we will find the place.’ I didn’t have the highest hopes, but when I called the next day, he answered. We agreed to meet in town for breakfast at an amazing place with no menu, and afterwards we drove into the jungle. About 20km out of town we stopped at a cute little restaurant on the side of the road. Pepe spoke to the owners, and they agreed to let us film in the abandoned Mayan house behind their property. Walking back there for the first time was creepy. The destruction was everywhere. History was right in all of our faces and we knew it was exactly what Twigs was after.