Summer Session

Way back in May, we rolled out the first edition of our new incarnation. We had made a short documentary about Kindness, that was really about realizing a dream. The next week we were in Nashville, with Bully, and we were writing about how that band functions but also about writing, about wanting to, needing to, having people who need you to and also about everything that conspires to delay that gratification. By June, our week on Wet looked like snow and sounded like inside. Natalie Prass played us a version of a song she thought was embarrassing and we thought was a miracle. Toro y Moi wanted to draw instead of play. Boogie's mom had us over way too often and we stood witness to Dart’s oath to take his mom to the Grammys. Mizan was solo but her words were full of people. Cities Aviv took us to Memphis, and we remembered what home does to a person. Miguel remembered us, and we heard his words for their worth.

Yours Truly Summer Session 2015

Greatest Hits

House Lights

A Short Film About Adam Bainbridge Directed By David Terry Fine.

A Poster Of Bully’s Van


The Ladder

A Short Documentary About Boogie

(rough) - A Yours Truly Podcast

Natalie Prass & Matt White, “Why Don’t You Believe Me”

Sketch To Screen

A Film About Toro y Moi Directed By Tyler McPherron

Crazy Enough

A Short Doc About Miguel Directed By Babak Khoshnoud & Will Abramson

We had made plans and then other things happened. We surprised ourselves. We met people that changed our minds. The musicians we worked with were invariably generous and open and down for the cause. We are invigorated. We think we’re on to something and we’re already shooting and talking and listening and running around all over the place so that our fall season will be even more complicated and careful and honest and loose.

If you have ideas, hit us. If you want to get involved, hit us. Train’s leaving.