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Posted: August 08, 2012

Giving a black and white description of your music is never an easy task, so Yours Truly asked Ryan Hemsworth to describe his sound as a food or dish instead, his response only confirmed his status as a creative genius,

“Kitchen sink cookies, and well baked. There are a lot of artists making kitchen sink cookies and taking them out before the buzzer goes off or putting more than they should into them. Fresh buttery cookies off the pan into your ears.”

And kitchen sink cookies are exactly what we’re serving today. Yours Truly is beyond excited to be able to premiere Ryan Hemsworth’s first single and video off his forth coming EP, Last Words.

“Charly Wingate” is a two parter, a dark jam building into an R. Kelly-esque after party anthem for the ages, inaugurating Hemsworth into the Wedidit family of top notch producers. The more you strip away Hemseworth’s infectious black and yellow lullabys and rap spattered samples, it becomes more apparent those hat tricks are just icing on the cake. What lies underneath is dramatic, carefully crafted originals gently floating to the top of a sample-soaked glass. The accompanying video for “Charly Wingate” is an animated Through The Looking Glass take on Ryan Hemsworth’s playfully colorful world of deconstructed samples and beats built to touch the sky.

Out of the trap-withered, samples-in-the-place-of-beats ashes, our phoenix has risen, no pseudonyms or burnt edges here, Ryan Hemsworth is going for household name status.

Ryan Hemsworth’s Last Words EP with remixes by Shlohmo + friends, drops August 21st via Wedidit

Video by Hector de la Vallee and Octave Abaji

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