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Posted: September 12, 2012

I’d fallen for Lianne La Havas following her performance of “Age” in a black cab. The story of her struggle to accept the love of an older man struck me and stuck until the day before we were scheduled to meet her at the abandoned zoo in Griffith Park for an acoustic session. I couldn’t shake the thought of how perfect it would be to pair her with a partner, an older man, her equal.

Reggae Pops is an LA legend. An ageless wonder who parties harder, dances smoother and woos faster than any man half his age. After one look at Lianne, it didn’t take much convincing to sign him up to be Lianne’s date for the day.

What you don’t see in the video is the serendipitous set of circumstances that led to its creation.

Reggae Pops showed up to the abandoned zoo expecting just to meet and maybe dance with Lianne, but the second she laid eyes on him, she screamed “REGGAE POPS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”

Turns out they’d met the previous weekend at the Do-Over and he’d stolen her heart.

One thing led to another, schedules were worked out and the “Age” video you see was born the very next morning.

Special Thanks to Reggae Pops for being a star, for Lianne for being adventurous, to Duncan for being a gentleman, and to Aaron, John and Lydia for their flexibility, passion and vision.

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