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CAITLIN ROSE Pink Champagne


Posted: April 25, 2013

Some pairings are meant to be. Peanut butter & jelly. Bonnie & Clyde. Whiskey & ginger. And Caitlin Rose, while sipping a whiskey and ginger was the perfect pairing to the end of a bustling and noisy SXSW week. Her calm, yet reassuring voice scrubbed through the layers of dust soaked into our skin. She was the sweet angel to the fiery sting of spilled drinks, sore feet, and stretched-too-far vocal strings. And yet for a week that was too busy, nothing seemed to be a better match than drinking beers in a sunny backyard, with a choir of birds singing like white noise to our ears. Watch Caitlin Rose mellow our afternoon away with “Pink Champagne.”





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